Sheduled Delete


Sheduled Delete is a utility to delete recorded TV programs from Windows Media Center's Recorded TV folder. After setup its just a matter or creating a sheduled task to run the program whenever you want it to run.

Install Instructions

Download the installer below and double click to start the install process. Once finished you can setup the program from the link created in the start menu.


Once you have started the program you will be presented with the Options Window. First Click on the 'Browse' button and select the folder your Recorded TV files are stored.

Then add a search string into the search string textbox. This string is how the files are seached for so using the longest string posiable will provide better results.

Once you have add a search string then choose how many days you would like to keep the file before it is deleted and then click the Add button. This will add the string to the list.

If you wish to remove an item from the list then double click it in the list and it will be removed.

When you have finished adding strings click the Ok button at the bottom and the program will remove all the files acording to the strings you have provided and the the days at which you wish them to remain.

Once you are happy with the way you have setup the program it is just a matter of setting up a sheduled task to run Sheduled Delete

The shortcut in the start menu has the parameter of /s. This causes the program to show you the Window. When setting up the shortcut do not add this parameter and the program will run in the background.


Download Sheduled Delete version 1.0.0