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2010 - C#, Excel, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project

WaterMarkup is a Component Object Model (COM) tool-chain solution that blends Excel, AutoCAD and MS Project to automate the process of tendering for waterproofing contracts.

While WaterMarkup reduced the amount of effort and time to produce a tender by 90% this was not the primary reason for its development. By inputting the data into an object orientated data structure it was then possible to connect many other processes for other states of the contracts such as health and safety documentation, staff management and progress claims.

WaterMarkup exploits the 'write once, read many' pattern in conjunction with templates to archive this. While users would only have to enter a project name once to have it propagate to all other documentation to reduce the overall effort, it's primary value is its effect it has on data hygiene.


Traditionally the second stage of tendering after invitation communications are complete, is the process of preparing a take-off. This would involve going though the specification and each plan issued within the tender. As each plan was processed, individual areas were measured, calculated and then the data was transferred to Excel.

This process was automated to a matter of choosing the necessary product and then clicking around the area with the mouse. Calculation and data transfer steps are eliminated by automation. As the majority of tenders follow a naming pattern for areas, this provided the opportunity to choose the pattern and then mark out the area in the correct order and then this also was automated.

Tender Documents

WaterMarkup prepares the tender documents for you. from cover page, introduction, product summaries, area summaries as well as a detailed breakdown that includes 'as built' drawings clearly showing the proposed work.

This aid in improving the quality of communications during the tender. Clients can clearly see the proposal visually instead of having to study the detail values that are also included.