Software by Inta Computers


This software is currently in a clinical trial at both the RPA Hospital in Brisbane and also the Gold Coast Hospital. It is aimed at reducing the number of errors in the collection of blood samples. The project involves using a wireless barcode scanner to scan the information from a new patient’s armbands. From there the clinician is able to print specimen labels at the patient’s bedside. The information from the specimen label is taken from the information contained in the barcode on the patient’s armband.


Auto Call Recorder (ACR for short) is a freeware application for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Pocket PC devices that can record phone calls automatically. It automatically detects when you are on an incoming or outgoing call and then records the conversation to the folder you specify. It saves the call as a WAV file in the format of [Direction] [FileAs] [Phone Number] [Call Length].


ACR HD is similar to ACR but provides a better graphical interface for more modern mobile devices such as the HTC Touch HD. It also provides better contact management.


WaterMarkup is a solution aimed at Waterproofing Contractors. It provides a faster way of generating tenders for Primary Contractors. Currently estimations and practical experience has proved this system to reduce tendering times to 1/10th the time needed to complete the tender manually.

Scheduled Delete

Scheduled Delete is a utility for Windows Media Center. It provided a simple management tool for TV Recordings.

Mobile QA

Mobile QA is a solution for quality assurance on construction sites.


Skyscreen provides a solution aim at providing information to large numbers of employee/visitors/customers without them have computer access.