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Inta Computers will reshape the way you think about the computer industry. Finally, a customer-oriented technical support company you can rely on! As proven by our certified computer support, same-day computer repairs and free data recovery diagnostics at industry-low rates throughout the Gold Coast metropolitan area.

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All of the computer service options are at your fingertips: business computer support, home technical support, computer drop-off service, and laptop/desktop support.

Whether a small office or large corporation, you may outsource your technical needs to us for certified and reliable, cost-effective IT solutions. Your business will receive top technical support with the utmost care and professionalism. For home computer users, you will also receive priority treatment for your computer inquiries. Whether a business or home, we understand you are looking for expertise, reliability, and swift attention. Look no more with the experts at Inta Computers.

You will receive #1 rated computer service due to our genuine concern and dedication to satisfy your technical concerns and objectives. Our qualified technicians will take your computer network to another level and impart the IT knowledge necessary to make you comfortable going forward.

Other specialties available to you are: IT outsourcing, technical recruitment, web design, programming, security protection, research, data recovery, data protection, and training. Contact Inta Computers today for the fastest, quality computer services on the Gold Coast.

Our Software

This is some of the software I've written over the years, here’s a quick tour with the least amount of techno-babble. There are many others in the menu above on the top left. We develop web, mobile, office, cloud and enterprise solutions.

Finite Element Analysis Explorer

Finite Element Analysis Explorer (FEA Explorer) is an application that is designed to find structural analysis solutions using Finite Element Methods (FEM). Its the first Universal Windows Platform application to provide a finite element solution. Solutions are presented in a graphical display that provides variable scales for all the supported force types as well as the reactions. The resulting displacements can also be scaled to highlight the resulting movements of the elements.

Its built around a home-made 2D graphics engine consisting of a matrix camera modified to simulate structural engineering semantics. Its flexible design makes it possible to recycle the engine in several other projects such as WavePool. The graphics pipeline contains both an aliased and anti-aliased stages for each frame to improve the clarity of the display.

While it was designed to consume multiple sources for solutions, it is currently published on-line with only a single solver using the Math.Net library. Other solvers are still in testing including a home-made decimal solver.

Coastal Dynamic Link Library

Coastal.dll provides coastal mechanics functions to a wide range of development platforms such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Visual Studio as well as MatLAB. The primary purpose is to simplify the process of exploring many of topics related to Coastal Engineering. From the basic principles of gravity waves though to coastal morphology.

Coastal.dll is aimed towards students that have little or no experience with programming. All the functions have value checks performed to aid in providing exceptions to suit the student studying subjects such as coastal mechanics. While these checks may be considered a hindrance to the speed of execution, its benefit to improving the communication with teaching staff by removing many of the simple mistakes that students make by providing warning within the development environment itself.


DriveSync is an application to manage file replication for clients that prefer to minimize the amount of effort needed to provide file security for their systems. It is designed to manage large sets of files incrementally on an ad hoc basis for clients that travel extensively.

It also caters to several server environments including cloud, virtual, remotely hosted and local servers. It provides extensive tracking, with reporting via email as well as a visual interface as seen above.


WaterMarkup is a custom estimation solution blending both Microsoft's Excel and Autodesk's AutoCAD to provide a fast and effective way to create tenders for waterproofing contracts. The primary process of tendering is simplified to choosing a product and then marking out the areas on the supplied plans. WaterMarkup then automates the rest for you leaving you with a fully prepared tender report in Excel as well as Microsoft Project files.

If any changes are required to adjust the final price, they can be made in the Excel on the spot without requiring any programming, variables such as price per meter or labor rates can be adjusted instantly during tender discussions with the client.


WavePool is an educational interactive demonstration free-ware of the properties of linear waves within either an open channel or reflecting off the far end of the channel. It's purpose is to show the effects of waves when they interact with each other. It has two primary wave types, single and continuous.

Reflection is also demonstrated by including three states of the water surface. The superposition of the actual water surface is complimented by the superposition of waves traveling in the positive direction and another showing the superposition of those traveling in the negative direction.